What’s the deal with blood types?

Today I booked an appointment for next week to go and give blood. I’ve never done it before, but I’m healthy and definitely willing, so I figured it was about time. I think my mom told me my blood type but I have forgotten what it was if she did.

This reminded me of a video a watched not that long ago, and thought I had already posted (because it’s so simple and clear), but a quick search of my own blog reveals I in fact did not. So now I am!

If you’re healthy and willing and have never given blood before, I recommend you do it. It really can save lives and it’s a small sacrifice to do so. Here in Canada I called the Canadian Blood Services (1-888-236-6283), if you’re in the US I suspect you could call The Red Cross?

Either way, consider it. I am also a registered Organ Donor, which is another thing I support and recommend. I’d rather my remains potentially save lives rather than wastefully get buried in the ground. I suspect the worms have enough food already down there 🙂

Care to share your thoughts?