“Hey, I’m just being honest. That’s how I am!”

Great comic here to remind us of – among other things – Wil Wheaton’s Law, and being a decent person.

The title of the file is “I think we have a lot of people who need to read this”. It’s a multi-frame stick figure cartoon, which I will transcribe here because I can’t post the image. I think this is a good example of what some of the “Freedom of speech” advocates sometimes get wrong, that freedom of speech also means freedom from consequences of that speech.


Guy: No offense sweetheart, but you could stand to lose a little weight. Hey, I’m just being honest! That’s just how I am.

Girl: Oh I see what’s happened.

Guy: Huh?

Girl: You’re using “liar, liar” honesty. That’s when you vocalize every lame excuse for a thought that limps across your mind, even when your opinion is unsolicited, lacks any value, and is downright cruel.

In fact, i’ll bet you enjoy saying cruel things under the guise of honesty, because it gives you an excuse to be mean to people and feel better about your pathetic existence in the process. You’re also under the mistaken belief that because this is “just how you are”, you’re somehow exempt from treating others with civility and respect.

I don’t like to stand on the bus, but I still give up my seat to pregnant women and the elderly, because that’s how it works in polite society: we improve our crappy behaviour to make the world a little more pleasant for each other. And when actual adults talk about honesty, it means they’re chosen not to deceive others for personal gain, because they actually care about the people around them. It doesn’t mean insulting everyone who have the misfortune of entering your field of vision.

The irony of that is your urge to be “honest” makes people less likely to appreciate it when you actually have something of value to say, should that ever happen.

I almost feel sorry for you, but ultimately I don’t because you’re a dillhole, and you’re a dillhose on purpose.

Guy: You didn’t have to be so blunt.

Girl: Hey, I’m just being honest.

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