Curiosity Recap (Week in Review Jan 5, 2014)

How was your new year’s eve? Mine was splendid, and 2014 is off to a lovely start thus far.

A bit more opinions in this week’s posts, but still plenty of straight up facts to chew on.

recapsmallProtest first, prove legitimacy, party later – What do you do when your cause gets turned into a party?
Inspiring ways to cope with loss – another photography series that may inspire you
Clothing chemicals and choose who you support carefully – A GreenPeace video prompts some OpEd from me
13 Things mentally strong people avoid doing – I highlight an article from Forbes about bad habits that you probably want to kick if you do them
Has Utah cracked homelessness? – They think they have. My “economics expert” correspondent disagrees
Some Assembly Required – You’ll probably be amazed by how much you can fit in a small space. Just add engineers!
“The best anti-smoking ad ever” – It has even won awards. no guilt necessary
Are you a “scanner”? You might be a scanner (personality type) – The latest in my efforts at distilling information down into a comprehensive resource based post
Throw away your USB jump drives – Soon you won’t need them anymore
What will cybercriminals target in 2014? – Let me tell you
Isaac Asimov was a really smart guy – He successfully predicted several things 50 years in advance. That’s not easy
A glimpse into the future – A look at some cool upcoming tech. Also a little scary depending on your view
Do you get a cold BECAUSE you’re cold? Is this a myth, or is it a real thing? The answer isn’t as simple as you might think
Score one for anti-cynicism – Here’s how you combat the “people suck” blues. With science! (and statistics)
I thought space was WAY colder than that – we learn how temperature works in space
Let’s talk about weddings and babies for a second – I review a HuffPo article that I think provides a perspective you rarely hear, but you should definitely consider
Get ready for a really unusual anatomy lesson – Let’s look at a couple of rare but real conditions. This one’s a bit weird!

Also, for the first time, a post from this blog went “viral”. By that I mean, a single post has received over 5000 hits a day for 2 days straight which is exponentially more than anything I’ve seen in the past. That post is “What you should know BEFORE you share that missing person post on Facebook”, which is certainly good information to disseminate! So please do keep sharing it, help make people wiser!

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