Curiosity Recap (Week in Review Dec 29, 2013)

recapsmallGood notes jar idea from reddit – here’s something to try to remind you of all the positives of the year past
Quora question: why might aliens not have made contact? – an interesting answer to this question
Banana Pandemic – the future is precarious for our favourite yellow fruit
This week in solar: Glass – a new solar power capturing device that means a brighter future for green energy
The mask you live in: Documentary about Masculinity – Every man you know should probably watch this
How much faster would your commute be if the train didn’t have to stop? – China seeks to make that a reality
Grab Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Creative Suite for FREE – registration on required, but otherwise totally legit
Perspective from a Nurse – why it’s ultimately better to be in the waiting room than not
Censorship is dumb, you can help fix that – by donating and supporting this documentary project about unjustified censorship (NSFW)
I think I’m having Deja Vu – you’d think you’d heard this before. Probably because you have
Post Christmas Reading List – a few books I got for christmas, as well as one I’m currently working on
20 Photos of Beautiful Human Compassion – Your weekly dose of inspiration
Beginner’s Primer on WordPress and other blogging platforms – My write-up (from somewhat hazy memory) of the experience of teaching myself the platform and launching this site 2 months ago
Things I did in 2013 – My recap of what I did with much of my time this year
Hellsongs, it’s not what it sounds like! – I feature a cool band that’s doing something you don’t hear every day. They’re kind of a hidden gem, in my humble opinion
Living on One Dollar – A new documentary about poverty through the eyes of “first world” young adults who go and “walk the walk”
LOL My Thesis: How to not take yourself too seriously – a humorous look at what some people spend many years of their lives on
Want to know what your dog is thinking? – Company is developing a device to read rover’s brainwaves and tell you what they say
Moral Matters and what they tell us – a thought experiment to make you think WWYD?
“This shouldn’t even be a controversial statement” – you be the judge

Still plenty more in the backlog but I’m spent. Happy Sunday!

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