Curiosity Recap (Week in Review Dec 15, 2013)

Good variety this week!

recapsmallDolphins are considered “Non-Human” People – according to India, and many animal trainers around the world.
Myth Busted – Ostriches DO NOT bury their heads in sand – So find another way to call out cowards.
Looking at a bright light can help you sneeze – Coax out those stubborn sneezes that refuse to release
The 10% brain myth – We DO NOT only use 10% of our brains. Here’s some science to explain why this isn’t true.
Otzi the Ice Man – a cool little bit from history, the most well-preserved 5000+ year old mummy ever found.
Useful Idea: Queue Design – there is an actual name for the process of making human traffic flow more efficiently.
What is Assistive Technology? – we all use devices in our daily lives that assist us, not just people with obvious handicaps.
Everything you ever wanted to know about Sphincters – there’s more to know than you might think!
Everything you need to know about Performance Enhancing Drugs – if you’re thinking about doping, you might want to think again.
Choosing not to have kids – and why this is neither a selfish, nor bad decision
Racism: Don’t lose faith in humanity just yet – Some really inspirational behaviour when you wouldn’t expect it
Tab for a Cause – raise money for charity without having to click any ads, while surfing the web like you normally do
PolyGlot – Another useful and free tool for learning a new language
21 Science fictions that became science facts in 2013 – Some really cool stuff was accomplished this year!
Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code – The future of genetics is going to be a pretty big deal, folks.
Six things Nelson Mandela believed that most people won’t talk about – He challenges some pretty common beliefs and ideals of Western (particularly American) society.
Help Phil Demers Help Smooshi the Walrus and other animals – He is being sued for blowing the whistle on MarineLand. Here’s how you can help him fight the good fight.
Brazil may have just created the first “polyfidelitous” relationship – a 3 person relationship is granted civil union status, for now.
What’s the deal with 3D printing? – The technology has come a long way. And we’re only just getting started.
Placebos and Nocebos – What are they? How do they work?

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