Curiosity Recap: Posts review May 25th, 2014

Sorry for breaking routine folks, doing my best to roll with some punches and shifting priorities. This blog will be morphing slightly going forward as I begin working on some new projects, which I’ll be very excited to announce when I can. Also, the latest episode of Noise in my Head is a two parter full of all kinds of good information.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been posting about on here for the last few weeks:

recapsmallThe Deepest Hole on the Planet – What we learned from drilling 0.02% of the way into the earth’s crust
How or why does a hot shower clear your sinuses? – I reflect on the nuisance of having a headcold, and one simple, but brief remedy
Listen to Adam Savage talk about hearing loss and the state of hearing aids – Some wisdom from one half of the Mythbusters
Soylent: An alternative to food if you’re looking for one – Do you consider having to stop being productive to cook, and eat? If so, this might be a solution for you
Consumer Awareness: Don’t fall for the decoy! – Something from the psych files here, the more you know, the less you get conned out of your hard earned money!
Five creatures that aren’t dinosaurs – Just what the title implies. We mistake a lot of creatures for dinosaurs
Are some animals psychic? Spoiler alert: No – Another podcast spotlight to teach us about our psychological fallibility and biases
Multiply big numbers easily, using lines (not calculators!) – A really simple, easy math trick that made me go “heck yes!”
Ten things everyone should know about science – including shortened, tweetable versions
Pink and Blue and Other Colours Too – An entrepreneur spotlight, a look at gender issues, solutions, and the latest episode of my podcast
Reviving Old Technologies – time to dig out your old cassette tapes – Sony is bringing back magnetic tape, and putting blu-ray to shame in the process
Some words of inspiration for the students out there – One teacher tells you what good teachers are really thinking, and it may surprise you
Why it’s good to be a Jack of all Trades – Tim Ferriss gives us 5 great arguments in favour of not specializing. Polymaths rejoice

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