Curiosity Recap: Posts Review (Aug 17, 2014)

August was a busy month for me. Some things I did outside of the blog:

Now, for a review of the posts over the last 3+ weeks!

– A four minute video that illustrates how languages evolve
– 23 things you can do each day to get and be smarter
– An infographic of 40 common tourist scams from around the world

– Because sadly, you’re probably not as precious a snowflake as you might hope
– Another post about fundamental attribution error, and a good example to help you understand why it matters
– More from the user beware realm
– And connect people!
They make those now
– Forward, March!
– There are always more ways to help than you might think
– A video (with transcript) that might open your eyes to just how dumb advertisers basically think we are
– Something I’ve posted about before and had to post a correction/update now that I’ve learned better
– Identify the signs and get help to give your child the best chance to function effectively
– Two separate experiments, and the lessons that can be learned buy from interacting with content via the “Like” button on Facebook
– If you think homeless people are all just lazy and aren’t trying to be useful to society, you may want to think again
– Because that’s how the doctor would be able to find the root of the problem
– A short little video (and transcript) that helps us navigate the complex world of gender, hopefully just a bit more effectively
– UV light is not a friend of our skin, this is a pretty startling demonstration of what some innocent sunlight exposure does to us
– The first entry into a new category here on the site: “Art Driven by Curiosity”!
– Veritasium does some of my absolute most favourite videos. Come, watch magnetic cereal, and other cool stuff!
– A poster (and soon to be t-shirt) that fits in with the philosophy and spirit of this site!
– Seeing it in this form makes it a lot easier for my puny mind to begin to “understand”
– Will automation render humanity “unemployable”? CGP Grey seems to think so, and he makes a very strong case
– A true instance of leading by example
– When nature decides to be a part of human art

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