Curiosity Recap: Monthly Post Review (Sept 28, 2014)

It’s that time again!

Learn a little bit about genetics
– A quote graphic that is right at home here
– Things get real for a moment, because reality is often better than sensationalism
– A website founded so that you can make donation towards life-saving surgeries, kind of like Kiva for life instead of small businesses
– An article that is a friendly reminder to not fool yourself, planning is good and important, but without action, plans are just plans
An article that gives some unfortunate truth about bike safety
– One man gives back to his community in an admirable way
– If you’ve ever said this to someone, you might want to read this comic
– One man goes traveling for 18 months during which he does not have or use a cell phone. These are his insights
– Something written by a friend of mine in light of Robin Williams and Depression, that I thought was so well said I had to feature it
– Science can be very surprising sometimes
– An ingenius vending machine type device in Istanbul that encourages recycling, and compassion
– A simple sticker based project from Switzerland that might be helpful to you
– One of the world (sort of) through a dog’s eyes, the other of an animal you don’t see every day
– Go check out “Signs”, and learn some sign language
– Your average 6-8 character password will likely take just a few minutes to crack. Want one that will take over a million years?
– Another quote graphic that resonated so I featured it
– There’s (still) a lot of confusion out there about introverts, here’s a bit more info to help you understand
– Need something fixed? Want to learn how to do it yourself? This is the place to go (once a month)
– Wonder how much you remember about science from what you studied in school? Find out
– Really amazing story of animal intelligence, empathy, and sign language
– Attempting to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth
– Why can’t you put metal in a microwave? find out
– Ever seen an animal (or person) with two different coloured eyes? Come learn what that’s all about
– New app lets you find platonic cuddle partners in your area, since we VigRx Plus literally need physical touch as beings and often don’t get it outside of relationships
– It comes down to principles and policy
– Psychology today explains why we always need a goal to work towards
If you’ve ever wondered, here’s the answer
– Before you jump on the Ello hype train, this is worth reading
– Oppression is complicated, there are a lot of interlinked, moving parts

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