Curiosity Recap (Mar 9, 2014)

It is almost spring again!

recapsmallCGP Grey now has a podcast! – if you’re a fan of his YouTube videos, you should definitely check out the podcast
How to get fit without any equipment – just patience and persistence
DuckDuckGo, a truly private alternative to google – don’t want to be tracked when you’re googling super weird or super nerdy stuff? Here are some options
How to be more private on facebook – more useful tips for protecting your privacy, though if you’re on the internet at all, you can’t be 100% private
“Made to Penetrate” or when men get raped – I learned something unsettling about the legal definition of rape
Some of the best perspective on relationships that I’ve ever read – Seriously. This blog post explains in a very clear and concise manner, things it has taken me a decade to figure out for myself
Crows are the geniuses of the avian world – Move over dolphins, pigs, chimps (and humans)
Why do planets have rings? – Because even planets deserve to be loved
Here’s one for the migraine sufferers – I get migraines semi-often myself, it was still interesting to hear about another person’s experience
Homicidal Somnambulism aka Sleepwaking Murder – Yeah, so that’s a thing O.O, a rare thing, but a thing
11 jobs that no longer exist (well, mostly) – The times they are a-changin’
Blog focus update – A little bit about what to expect from this blog going forward
Do you believe in what you see? – Here’s a lesson in how those seemingly amazing “before and after” pics of miracle diets/exercise routines can easily be faked
Tools for manually debunking viral images – if you see an image on facebook, twitter, or wherever, and it shocks you (positively or negatively), it’s probably worth verifying using this tip
Some cool random thoughts from reddit – things that made me go “hmm”, or made me chuckle like “It’s funny because it’s true!”
Good simple but comprehensive guide on STIs, risks and prevention – it can be confusing and stressful trying to make sense of, let this help you
Some thoughts about TED – I love TED as much as the next person, but here’s why I feel the need to share TED talks with a disclaimer now
The real person versus the person we remember – How pop culture can skew our memory of who someone really was, for better or worse

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