Curiosity Recap (Mar 23, 2014)

An unexpected injury gave me lots more time to write this week.

recapsmall“Fair use” does not mean you can use it just because you said “fair use!” – A blog post about what constitutes fair use, including an example from this very blog
Don’t Be Afraid to Be Wrong, Be Afraid to Not Know Better – my latest original article, cross posted on Medium
Teach your kid how to build a bridge – a do it at home science project for teaching your kids
Think fast, smarty! – Can you measure your intelligence with a ruler? Sort of
Do you spend a lot of time sitting? You should read this (it’s good news) – Sitting too much is bad for you, but there is a solution that’s totally doable
Dark chocolate is good for your heart – I’m not a fan, but if you are, now there’s something to be happy about besides just the joy of eating it
Introversion vs Shyness – If you’re reading this site, chances are more likely that you’re an introvert. That’s not a bad thing, and the good news is, shyness can also be overcome!
Superstitions, Phobias, Luck and Fear – I did some research for a discussion group I hosted and moderated. Here’s what I learned, for your benefit
So it turns out we have two nostrils for a reason – Yup, and I bet you can’t guess what it is
It’s just a game man, don’t think so hard about it! – A video titled “Why Do We Play Games?” will make you think, possibly harder and deeper than you normally choose to. Be brave, you’ll learn!
If this doesn’t convince you that gay people are alright, maybe nothing will – An experiment filmed for our benefit that shows us the best way to deal with something that makes us uncomfortable
Untranslatable words give us a unique window into other cultures – My post doesn’t have pretty pictures, but the original does
Double Brain Myth – Alcohol kills brain cells and the human body replaces all cells every 7 years – Spoiler alert, “myth” means it’s not actually true. But the why is interesting!
Speaking of drinking, lets talk microaggressions – They seem innocent to everyone except the person they hurt
The perils of insufficient sleep are many and varied – Most you probably already know
Carbon Footprint Calculator – with practical suggestions for several areas of life, so it can actually be quite useful
Thinking about a career change? This could help – I think about career changes like every other week. Always good to know your options!
Synaesthesia – Can you see time? Can you hear with your eyes? – I found a fascinating article about a fascinating condition that crosses your wires and mixes your senses
Animal Drinking Physics, just as cool as it sounds – slow motion can teach us some really cool things
Advice for single people to do what’s right for them – A recap and a bit of OpEd related to a great article about being single

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