Curiosity Recap (June 22, 2014)

Things have been slower here for a few weeks while my attention has been pulled elsewhere, and the focus of the blog may change again, but for good reasons.

Also, I just published my latest Medium piece “The Real Root Problem Behind ‘I’m Bored'”.

recapsmallShould a Scanner run their own business? Revisited – Still pondering this question, shared some new ideas and insight
“I’m just handing out sticks, you’re the one surviving” – a quote graphic to help those just trying to get by
Niche Markets: An imperfect analogy for the melting pot of social society – my prior Medium article

Productivity Apps, Resources page update and I’m working on a business plan! – Another “update from the field” so to speak. I briefly review a few self organization/productivity apps and the Resources Page has been overhauled
What a Novel(ist) idea – An image from social media inspires me to write a post about writing, and ‘getting over the hump’
Another look at meal replacements – A second, more comprehensive post about Soylent, and another similar (arguably more “natural”) product called 100%Food.
Jewellery for the science nerd – a few pieces I’ve come across in my travels that you might enjoy
MBTInaccurate? – I found an article detailing why Myers-Briggs is both unscientific and inaccurate, so look into that

Stay tuned for some new podcast episodes soon. Scheduling has been making them difficult to record, but they are coming.

Care to share your thoughts?