Curiosity Recap (bi-weekly review May 4, 2014)

New episode of the Noise in my Head Podcast is out today, this time I talked to Mark Tang (@maplehutt) about working in radio. Check it out!

recapsmallTaking a closer look at two social concepts – “How to be a good depressive citizen” and “The myth of nobody can make you feel bad without your permission”
Music + Fire + Science = Awesome – A video from Veritasium that combines science, music and fire to make learning about sound and physics fun, groovy and hot!
Veritasium tells us how you might not be getting what you paid for (on Facebook) – can you really pay for legitimate likes for your page on facebook?
Stupid Question: Curiosity + Misunderstanding – I examine this concept brought forward by Craig Fay, and talk a little bit about the difference between ignorance and stupidity, and how we should encouraging people asking questions, not shame them for not knowing
Are we inadvertently teaching kids that consent doesn’t matter? – this question is addressed in a video and article, and I share some thoughts as well
“The Never-Ending Career/Major Dilemma” aka INFJ problems, aka Scanner Problems – more life and career insight/advice for people who just can’t figure out what want to do/what they’re supposed to be doing
Search the Internet, Plant a Tree, Save the World – I found a search engine that plants a tree for every search you conduct. It’s a great little tool that doesn’t require any extra effort from you that effects positive change
Spray on Clothing: Technology of the Future, Today! – Pretty cool new technology with lots of great applications
HabitRPG: Round 2 – I take a second look at this productivity app thanks to a friend, and I recommend it much more now
What can you do without a brain? – Vsauce on YouTube attempts to answer this question
Self Defence of the Artistic Kind – A photographer gets jerked around by a band, but gets justice in the end
Visual, Technology Metaphors for Heartbreak – An amusing and accurate depiction of heartbreak using software errors and messages
High-Resolution Microscope You Can Fit In Your Pocket? – A professor and his students at Stanford are working on something called “Foldscope”, and it could be a big deal
Nerd Nite Presentation Recap: Life as a Polymath – The video and semi-transcript from my recent presentation
The History of Light, from an Economic point of view – I highlight an episode of the Planet Money podcast that explains briefly how we got from candles to now, and what that has meant for the working world
Mike Rowe gives life advice far better than I do – another post featuring perspective, insight and advice that may help you if you feel lost and confused and not sure what to do with yourself

Previous Recap – April 20, 2014.

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