Curiosity Recap (bi-weekly review, Apr 20, 2014)

Episode 2 of my podcast “Noise in my Head” is available now. This time around, go learn about Opticianry, or the science behind how glasses are made and how they work. Really interesting stuff!

Also, stay tuned for a written recap (and YouTube video) of a presentation I gave this past week about being a Polymath.

Due to preparing for the presentation, I didn’t post as much as I typically do this time around. But here’s what I did post:

recapsmallThe Noise in my Head Podcast returns with Season 2 – My interview podcast returns, come learn about things other people do!
“Should a Scanner Personality Type run their own business?” – Someone found this blog using that search term. I attempt to answer their question
To raise your chicken and eat it too? – I recently came across two podcasts discussing the potential upsides of becoming a vegetarian/vegan. It has given me a lot to think about
A small change can make a big difference – A nice inspirational video to gently adjust your perspective
Tips from your proverbial hairstylist – I find an article that explains several things everyone should know before visiting their barber
How to Spot “Bad Science” in 12 easy steps (an infographic) – Something I am always trying to get better at, here’s something to help
Getting scratched hurts, but not as much as a bone excision (Declawing Your Pet) – Knowing what I know now, I will never get a pet declawed again. Here’s why
More clever animals, this time: Goats – Humans may invent stuff, but we aren’t the only clever creatures on this space rock
Seawater as fuel? Well, that’s good news! – And it’s carbon neutral!
Interview with a Scanner, Advice for other Scanners – I share the insights that came out of an interview I did recently with someone else in the Scanner community
Misophonia: Hatred of Sound – An uncommon and unpleasant condition, but interesting
Speaking of alternative fuel sources: Urine. Yes, Urine – Good news for astronauts, and possibly also for us here on Earth
ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (aka nice feels) – Science hasn’t gotten to the bottom of this phenomenon yet, but it’s pretty interesting to think about
Flux: No more eye strain or being kept awake at night by bright screens – I discover a free software app that may just change your life if you are often staring at bright screens after dark
Technology Time Out for Children? – Should kids not be allowed to use hand held devices? One mom/librarian/teacher thinks they should and here’s why

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