Curiosity Recap (Apr 6, 2014)

Cultural perspectives, space stuff and visual processing this time around!

recapsmallBrain Myth #3: Once we are adults out brains are “final” – Good news is you can pretty much keep learning forever, if you want to!
I have always wanted to try an anechoic chamber – Why would I want to go into a room that doesn’t echo? Because it’s cool!
“Ugly is a construct” – I found a great article for perspective on beauty standards
Understanding Anxiety – Another visual explanation of something many people struggle with, that will, hopefully help you understand and being more compassion with them
Positive thinking not so useful afterall? I found a couple of articles that say that positive thinking could actually hurt your performance
Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? It makes a HUGE difference
Did you know you might be breathing wrong, among other things? Some minor tweaks might mean some noticeable health improvements
You might be a scanner if… A list of things that tends to be common among people who are scanners (aka multipotentialites, aka polymaths)
Makers: Women Who Make America – A video series of entrepreneurial and trailblazing women in various fields
One step closer to knowing what it’s like to be someone else – Visual tech is used to simulate 2 people trading bodies
Comedian Aamer Rahman explains why “Reverse Racism” isn’t a thing – And you get a bit of a sociology and history lesson
Wil Wheaton gives the best advice you’ll ever need if you’re a nerd – How to deal with people who think being a nerd is a bad thing
Laci Green deftly explains why Sexual Objectification is bonkers and needs to stop – A six minute video jam packed with more information than you can shake a stick at
Know your enemy, more importantly know who is not your enemy – Men’s rights activists, fasten your seatbelt
There’s socially awkward, and then there’s creepy. It’s an important difference – A great post from Dr. Nerdlove’s blog highlights the difference so you have no excuse to be better
You’ll never look at your own bedroom the same way again – A link to a photo series that makes even the most hole-in-the-wall bachelor apartment seem like a palatial estate
A different way to look at mating as a ritual – What if humans get freaky like some of the animal kingdom’s more open-minded creatures?
Ocean on Saturn’s moon and Asteroid with Rings – Two big space discoveries that are pretty darn cool
Habitable Planets 101 – SciShow explains to us in a video what makes for a habitable planet and why we haven’t found a whole lot of them besides Earth
Prank it Forward – An April fools day gag that is actually really nice and heartwarming, just how I like them!
Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome – Some people are more sensitive to light than others, which can create a range of mental and health issues. Come learn a little more and maybe see if light has been holding you back
Take a Yale Psychology Course for Free Online (without getting the credit though) – Free online education is one of the best things about the internet now. Take advantage, why not? There’s so much to learn!

Side note – As of today, my interview podcast has officially resumed. I interview someone in a different field roughly every 2 weeks and produce an episode a bit like an NPR program. If you’re interested, check it out!

Recap for Mar 23rd, 2014

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