Haircuts for the Homeless

In the latest installment of Curiosity Crossroads’ “leading by example” category, comes a story from HuffPo’s Love Matters section. <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost VigRx Plus .com/2014/08/17/mark-bustos-homeless-haircuts_n_5678454.html” target=”_blank”>“Stylist Who Spends Every Sunday Cutting Hair For Homeless: ‘Every Human Life Is Worth The Same’”.

NYC hairdresser Mark Bustos cuts hair 6 days a week. On the seventh, instead of resting, he actively searches the city for people in need, and gives them a sprucing up. He posts the photos of it on his .

Bustos has been cutting hair for the less fortunate since May 2012, when he traveled to the Philippines to visit family members. While abroad, he paid an owner of a barbershop to rent a chair and provide services to impoverished children in need of a fresh look.

Bustos said he cuts hair all over New York City, often accompanied by his girlfriend, who asks recipients what food they’d like to eat.

“One response we’ve gotten is, ‘Nobody ever asks me what I actually want. I usually just get leftovers and scraps,’”

Bustos said he intentionally cuts hair for the homeless in open, well-traveled spaces like¬†street corners and sidewalks so that the public can watch —¬†“not to see me,” he notes, but so that others can find inspiration in the good deed, and be kind to those less unfortunate as well.

Very cool of him, and glad to hear it is helping some people out!

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