Curiosity Recap (Week in Review – Nov 3, 2013)

recapsmallVisualization of Baby Naming Trends – 60 years of shifting trends, visualized.
Courage in front of the camera – a photo series where brave people rise above their supposed “flaws”.
When was it a million seconds ago? – A video brain teaser.
I don’t think it means what you think it means – I ponder two concepts and analyze how we sometimes act based on our presumptions rather than what is actually the case.
Reality TV Relationships – Some interesting info from Reddit, that may or may not surprise you.
What’s the Difference? – I start a new feature where we will look at 2 different things that you may not know the difference between.
The ultimate in off-grid living – I look at a few instances of people living off the beaten path, showing us there isn’t just one way to live.
What’s in a name? – I look at a video that gets philosophical, factual and statistical about names and naming.
FYI Cold season and anti-bacterial soap – the difference between bacteria and viruses, and why you shouldn’t use anti-bacterial soap.
Your country’s flag has never been tastier – a bit of food, art and culture for fun.
One crazy basement, one crazy attic – two people get more than they bargained for with their new homes.
Form vs Function: true strength vs just a good looking body – a graphic that illustrates (and explains) the difference between Mr. Olympia and Mr. Mountainman’s physique.

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