Curiosity Recap (Week in Review Nov 24, 2013)

“Talk about what you love. Keep quiet about what you don’t” – from one of my new favourite movies.

recapsmallStrangers become friends in minutes – a cool social experiment.
Take a look at an upcoming new bike theft device – very smart technology on the way!
Test your perception, learn a lesson – can you guess what Olympic sport an athlete competes in just by their body?
What’s the difference (herbs vs spices) – Do you know the difference? I didn’t until this week.
An unusual way to build a reef – It looks like dumping trash into the ocean, but it has a positive purpose. Unlike with cruise ships.
The cinnamon challenge is really bad for you – if you value your health, you should not try this at home.
Anger, Fantasy, Desire – 3 video clips that fit strangely well together.
Feminism Files – an interesting (and NSFW) photography project – that would make a solid addition to sex-education classes, in my humble opinion.
“You can’t be what you can’t see” – Neil Degrasse Tyson shares some wisdom and insight on why we need minorities to get into niche fields of work.
Jason Becker “Not Dead Yet” Inspirational Documentary – an unfortunate roll of the dice took away his body but not his mind, nor his desire to keep doing what he loved.
If biology is software, is prejudice faulty code? – Ray Kurzweil suggests biology is just software. That has interesting philosophical, ethical and moral implications.

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