Curiosity Recap (Week in Review – Nov 10, 2013)

A bit of a slower week with a blitz at the end.

recapsmallThe importance of perspective – A post about an arguably short sighted point of view and a look at it from another angle.
Well, that was an awesome twist – A Brazilian Tycoon uses his power and influence to send a great message
No, where are you REALLY from? – It’s a bit weird to realize the original names of many places (like Mexico).
Introverts Rejoice! – a concept device that would be a must have for Introverts.
An environmentally safe (and pretty) way to reduce light pollution – not quite wax on, wax off – but close.
Germany breaks new ground with third gender – you can now officially be recognized as “intersex” in Germany. The wait begins for the rest of us to follow suit.
The great smart phone research adventure – After years of ignoring what was happening in the world of mobile technology, I get with the times and get a new phone. Curiosity helped me do my research.
The chicken or the egg part 2: Rainforests – What came first, the rain or the rainforest?
Infographics for a visual world – I share a couple of neat infographics that I found and some brief thoughts about them.
Not so smart phone users a little too distracted – a startling story of why you shouldn’t get too caught up in your phone in public.
13 articles I highly recommend – is a great site for Jon Stewart-esque content (with a buzzfeed-esque tinge at times)
More good news for the hopes of humanity colonizing space – SciShow provides some pleasing information about “Earth-like planets” beyond our galaxy.
Fresh vs Frozen (Consider This) – Here’s something you probably didn’t know about food. I didn’t until I saw this video!
It’s not the sex life you want, but it’s the one you deserve” – A video that essentially talks about personal responsibility, so I share a relevant personal anecdote.

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