Curiosity Recap (Week in Review Dec 1, 2013)

This week I found affirmation through a 13 year old. What an unexpected, but pleasant surprise.

recapsmallUsing Science to enhance taste – There is almost nothing science can’t do, amirite?
Milk, Lavender and Sleep – I tell a co-worker I haven’t been sleeping well, I learn about some good natural remedies
The Bystander Effect and how to diffuse it – some behavioural psychology and what to do in a difficult situation
What charitable cause is most important to you and why? – I learn of The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck and The Project for Awesome.
Everything you ever wanted to know about batteries in 8 minutes – just what the title implies.
Movember and “Manning Up” – questioning a term and questioning a movement.
This is what a scientist looks like – not all scientists are lab coat and glasses wearing geeks.
Give what you can and Take what you need.
Meet Claudette Colvin, the real Rosa Parks – a little history lesson, for the record.
How you can build a standing desk on the cheap – Emilie from Puttylike saves you a few hundred bucks AND your health.
50 amazing photos taken at just the right moment – eye (and mind) candy.
Hackschooling – How to hack your education and be happy and healthy
Huffington Post has a Good News section – why doesn’t every other news website?!
Why you should choose your words carefully – because you might be implying something you don’t mean

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