Curiosity Recap (Week in Review Oct 18, 2013)

Here is everything posted up to Launch Day:

recapsmallFinding Meaning vs Creating Meaning – an OpEd post about just that – what is the difference and what they mean to me.
Taste in Space! – Can astronauts taste in space? if so, what? Also busting a myth about HOW humans taste.
Genderbread People are all equal – A post to try and simplify at least a little bit just how complicated gender can be.
Helpful Mnemonic Device – HALT – In trying times, try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Here’s why.
The Science of Heartbreak (Steering the Relation Ship) – A video post that explores addiction to love and healthy habits.
Different Strokes of Learning – a post about learning styles and why we need to me mindful of how we teach otherwise kids will not enjoy learning and that’s just a tragedy!
For the good of the whole? – a short article about why disabled the comments section on their website.
Confessions of a secret map lover (me) – a post featuring 2 videos and me telling you to go get your map on.
Making the most of a bad situation – a post about what one family did when a wedding was called off that ended up making a lot of people happy afterall.
Correcting a misconception and a mispronunciation – Pop culture strikes again, confuses everyone (re: Aspergers Syndrome). I clear up the confusion and provide some background.
A small loss, a larger observation – someone steals something relatively worthless from me, inspires a long post with 2 videos about how can we make everyone a little happier?
Unexpected Trends – Some women are taking additional risks in the bedroom.
Methinks thou doth misquote too much! – You’ve probably misquoted several people in your life, here’s proof.
Sports can be interesting too! – Hey nerds, you should read this. There is actual science behind sports you know. Not just physics either!
California Dreaming and Mind Reading – I talk about a dream I had and tell you that our thoughts can actually be recorded in video form, RIGHT NOW. Get your tinfoil hats!
(External Article) 20 Things I’ve learned by 25 – I share some solid life advice from
From the Reddit files – Mensa and Porn Stars – I talk about smarts, different kinds of smarts and assumptions about smarts, including my own assumptions.
From Medium – Crossfit’s Dirty Little Secret – I highlight an article (and follow up article) by Eric Robertson about Crossfit.
Want to learn another language? Particularly Spanish? – I recount my experience learning Spanish in late 2012/Early 2013, and review the free services that I used to do it.
Face a Fear Friday – I post about something new I tried this week and how it went.

Care to share your thoughts?